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Replacing an air conditioning system or furnace is not typically something we plan for. At Shane’s Pro HVAC Services, we get it! We understand that always having the cash laying around for an unexpected HVAC repair is not realistic. That is why we work with different financing options so that we can help our customers when they need HVAC. We can help almost any type of credit situation, so don’t be afraid to let us know if you need this solution! We’re happy to help! 

How Our Financing Works

Not all of our customers are the same and not all of our customers have the same credit, and we understand that! 

First, we will spend the time talking with our customers to understand their specific needs and credit situation. 

Second, we will match our customers up with one of six financing companies that best suit our customers and their credit needs. No matter what your situation is, we’ll work with you and we can handle just about any credit situation from great credit to folks who are going to need some extra help because of a negative credit situation. It’s also helpful to fill out our basic information form here so we can pass on your information to one of our financing partners. We do not take personal information like social security numbers, so filling out this form will not result in a credit pull! 

Do you have a checking account at a regular brick and mortar bank?
Do you have an agreement with your bank to cover bounced checks?
I have been at my current job for
Do you own your home?
Are you current on the mortgage?
What type of credit situation fits you

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To be good stewards in our community, to customers, and with each other. We will be respectful, professional, and have a high moral character in everything we do.

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If you are looking for a reliable and fast company to help you when you need cool air flowing through your home in those hot Texas summers, we want to be your first call. We understand how important air conditioning is to the quality of your home and lifestyle and we make a point of getting to all of our customers air conditioning installation and repair needs as quickly as possible.


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